Mortal Kombat 11 – How To Use Show Mercy Move/ Not Dead Yet Trophy

Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 is now available on all major platforms. it is will the latest game in the MK series and will be the sequel to 2015’s MK.

The eleventh iteration of the game comes with new features like Fatal Blows, Krushing Blows, Flawless Block mechanic, new character customization options and more.

How To Use Show Mercy Move/ Not Dead Yet Trophy In Mortal Kombat 11

Throughout the game, you will be able to use various different moves and combos with various different characters.

Show Mercy is of the many moves present in the game. so below you will find a guide on what is Show Mercy and how to use it.

What Is Show Mercy

The Show Mercy is a move which can be used by all the characters. it is used against your opponent at the end of the match to give them some health back and give them a second chance to fight.

How To Use Show Mercy Move

To use the this Show Mercy move you will need to press the following button

  • PS4 – L2 + Down Direction, L2 + Down Direction, L2 + Down Direction
  • Xbox One – LT + Down Direction, LT + Down Direction, LT + Down Direction

As you can see that you need to press the two button three times in rapid succession. so you can just keep spamming and it will work.

Just note that to use this move you will need to place your opponent in the “Finish Him/Her” state also you will need to be neither too close nor too far from your opponent to use it.

when you do this you will see a “Mercy” text in the middle of the screen and your opponent will gain some health to fight again.

Not Dead Yet Trophy/Achievement

To unlock this trophy you will need to simply use the Show Mercy combo on your opponent 10 times. this will unlock the Not Dead Yet Trophy achievement.

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