Pagan Online – How To Farm Shards And Unlock Characters

Pagan Online

Pagan Online has is now available on PC via Steam. it an indie hack and slash RPG game developed by Publisher and Developer Mad Head Games.

You will be able to use different skills and characters against various different enemies and bosses. furthermore, you can upgrade them to make them more powerful and progress easily.

How To Farm Shards And Unlock Characters In Pagan Online

Shards And Characters

At the beginning of the game, you will be able to select one of the three available characters. once you have made your choice all the rest of the characters will become locked.

From this point to you will need to collected character specific shards to unlock the characters. there are eight such characters so you will need to farm plenty of shards.

How To Farm Shards

The best way to get shards in the game is by completing the Assassination missions which rewards players with a high number of shards.

But to do Assassination Missions you will need to get keys which can only be obtained by getting key fragments and form a complete key.

So just progress through the game until you unlock the missions tab. here you will find plenty of missions like attacking an enemy area, defending an area, and more.

Now you just need to keep grinding these missions until you get the key fragments and form the key.

After getting the key dive into the Assassination mission and complete it to earn the shards required to unlock the character.

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