Anno 1800 – How Influence Works And How To Earn Them

Anno 1800

Anno 1800 is now available on PC and brings plenty of new features and mechanics which can create confusion among players as the game does a poor job on describing them.

The Influence points are one of the many mechanics you will find in the game which is not understood properly. so below you will find a guide on how the influence works and how to get them.

How Influence Works

The influence is a global resource which can be used to influence various aspect of the game like culture, trade, military, optimisation, propaganda, expansion.

But the influence points is not something you invest directly like you do for unlocking a skill. instead if depends mostly on your gameplay style.

For example, if you expand your territory by claiming more islands then you are automatically investing points into the expansion aspect which will unlock more expansion related skills.

If you are expanding your military by increasing the number of defenses and warships. then you are automatically investing in the military aspect which will unlock more military-related skills.

How To Get More Influence Points

To increase the influence you will need to keep progressing, increasing population, and by getting more investors.

How Influence Works In Different Aspects

Below you will find all six aspects and how they work with influence

Culture – number of zoo and museum items you have.

Military – number of Island’s defenses and warships

Trade – number of trade ships you have.

Expansion – number of islands and route you have between different islands.

Optimisation – number of special items buildings you have.

Propaganda – this is how you can influence the population

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