Anno 1800 – How To Unlock Artisans And Manage Them

Anno 1800

Anno 1800 lets players make their own decisions to shape their new world. but to do that you will need good natural, financial, and other resources.

The Manpower which is your citizens is one of the crucial pieces in the success of your city. so in this guide, you will learn more about Artisans.

How To Unlock Artisans And Manage Them In Anno 1800

One of the important upgrades you will need in the game is the Artisans which opens up a wide variety of new upgrades which will let you build more advanced buildings. Below you will find a guide on how to unlock and how to manage them.

How To Unlock Artisans

To get Artisans you will need to simply progress through the game and upgrade your population by fulfilling their needs and by also completing other objectives.

The Artisan can be unlocked after three population level. you need to upgrade from farmers to workers and then upgrade the workers to Artisans.

This way you will be able to unlock them and also get to earn more income as they will be paying more taxes.

How To Manage Artisans

As the Artisan population pays higher taxes, they would also have higher demand which means you will need to spend more resources to keep them happy.

Some of the requirements of Artisans are Bread, Sausages, Canned Food, Beer, Rum School, University, Church and more.

So it recommended that you upgrade the population to Artisans only if you have the resources to build new facilities and produce the required products to keep them happy.

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