Anno 1800 – What Is Missing Fertility And How To Fix It

Anno 1800

How To Colonize Islands And Buy Islands From Players

Anno 1800 will the new city builder simulation game and the latest installment in the Anno Series. the new game takes place in the 19th century where players need to enter the Industrial Age.

Just like the previous edition, players are free to create their new empire however they want. you will find many new features like blueprint mode, attractiveness, new mechanics and more.

What Is Missing Fertility And How To Fix It In Anno 1800

While progressing through the game you will need to grow crops for your city. but some times while planting them you will find the Missing Fertility message.

Many players were confused by this message as it is not clear whether you need to add fertility or you just can’t grow it in that location.

So below you will find a guide with an explanation of Missing Fertility and how to fix it.

Meaning Of Missing Fertility

The missing fertility basically means that the land does not have the necessary components to support farming. but the worst part is that you cannot fix it.

Instead, you will need to find a new island which has good fertility and would allow farming.

How To Find Island with Good Fertility

To find an island with good fertility you need to send your boat in search of a new island across the seas. once you an island just focus your camera on the island.

Then you need to look at the mini-map present in the lower left corner. just above the mini-map, you will see resource icons.

If the island is fertile you will see crops in the resources box. remember that you can only grow crops which appear in the box for example if the resource box has potato, wheat then you can only grow them.

Getting The island

If the island is unclaimed then you can simply build a port and town to claim it. but if it is claimed by someone else. then you can either attack and take over or just buy the island.

You can find the guide on how to colonize a free island and how to buy the island from the guide below.

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