Anno 1800 – Location Of Demolition Expert’s Explosives Shop

Anno 1800

Anno 1800 will the seventh addition in the Anno series. it is a city builder simulation game where players need to raise an empire in the Industrial Age.

The fate of your people, cities, and kingdom depends on your action. you can be either conqueror, liberator, innovator anything you want and shape up your legacy.

Location Of Demolition Expert’s Explosives Shop In Anno 1800

Throughout your gameplay, you will need to complete various different tasks to progress through the campaign.

One of the objectives in the game is to find the Demolition shop which is easy to do but can also easily get confusing. so below you will find a guide on how to find the Demolition Expert Shop.

How To Find The Demolition Shop

Now the game sends you to search the location of demolitions expert’s explosives shop and when you click on the objective it will focus the camera towards the timber facility.

Now the confusion arises mostly because players do not read the full description. in the details, you will find that you need to look for a building with a red roof.

With this details just look for a red roof building near the Timber production facility and you will see a building with a bunch of explosive crater holes and between it, you will find the Demolition expert’s explosive shop with a red roof.

Once you locate it just click it and you will get a cut scence. then you will be able to ask the demolition expert for the help in your objective.

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