Weedcraft Inc – How To Complete Smuggling Successfully

Weedcraft inc has been finally released via Steam on PC. it is an indie management game where players need will to dive deep into producing, breeding, and selling weed all over America.

You will need to grow your own plants, hire employees, tackle the law, influence politics, and manage finance to grow your business.

How To Complete Smuggling Successfully In Weedcraft Inc

Smuggling is one of the features in the game which lets you transport weed strains between different cities which makes your distribution of products much easier.

The only problem with this feature is that it is very risky and if not utilized properly it may lead to losses of products and employees.

To use the smuggling feature you will first need to start your business in multiple cities. once you do it you will receive the smuggling option.

Now just press the smuggling button and you will see a new menu. here you will find many different features like the ability to select modes of transport, the product you want to smuggle, and the driver you want to drive the transport.

Smuggling Transport Vehicle – you will get a variety of transportation option. each transportation has different cost and each of them come with their own risk.

Driver – The selection of a driver is also important as the ability to socialize will come in handy while transporting the cargo.

Products/Cargo – you will get some slots in each transportation. the number of cargo you load also increases the risk factor. so be wary of it.

How To Manage Risk Percentage

To make the smuggling successful you will need to observe and manage the risk percentage. you can do it by selecting a proper transport, a reasonable number of cargos, and a driver with good socializing ability.

If the risk factor is below 45% then it will have a high probability of being successful. but once the risk increase above 46% then you will start having trouble and it is recommended that you avoid them.

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