Anno 1800 – Guide On How To Make Money Quickly

Anno 1800

Anno 1800 has been finally released on PC. it will be a strategy city builder game developed by Blue Bytes and publisher Ubisoft where players lead an Industrial Revolution to shape their own world.

It will be the seventh game in the Anno series and will follow the last two titles Anno 2070 and 2025. you will find plenty of old and new features which will make the game more interesting.

How To Make Money Quickly In Anno 1800

Throughout the game progression, you will be able to upgrade and purchase various things and do that you will need money.

So in this guide, you will find how to make money quickly and efficiently


It is the basic way to make money in the game. there are two worlds each having different tier population.

The Old world has five population level and the new world has two population level. with increase in each level, the tax money received increases.

So it is best to complete all the requirements for your citizens to increase their population level quickly and thereby increasing the money you earn from taxes.

Completing Quests

Throughout the game, you will be able to complete many different quests which will reward you with a good amount of money,

If you do not have any quests you can ask for a quest from the Diplomacy screen. just click on the middle button present below the minimap, then select a player, then click the action button to ask for a quest.

This will give you a variety of quests some of them are easy to complete and some are troublesome. regardless of the tasks, completing them can get you high reward

Income from Visitors

Another way to increase money is by making your city beautiful and attractive which will attract visitors and tourists

The attractiveness of the city depends on various factors.

Culture – constructions of zoo, museum, and rare objects makes the city culturally active.

Nature – This is simple, the more trees and plants your city has the more will it increase the attractiveness.

Festivity – this is connected to the happiness of the citizen. the higher their happiness the higher will be the festivity.

Pollution – having a high number of factories decreases the attractiveness of the city.

Instability – having a high number of wars and protests decreases the attractiveness.

Vulgarity – a higher number of military and ruins facilities decreases your city attractiveness.

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  1. Jocelyn_Scott

    Fertility is a sneaky little mechanic that you probably won’t notice until it blows up your construction plans like a big seed bomb. Each randomly generated island of an Anno 1800 map has a different soil fertility, meaning they can only grow certain crops. For example, you might discover your starting island cannot grow hops (used for making beer), or that your New World colony is unable to grow cotton.

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