Weedcraft Inc – Which Weed Strain To Sell For Max Profit And Sales

Weedcraft Inc

Weedcraft Inc is now available on PC via Steam. it has been created by Publisher Devolver Digital and Developer Vile Monarch where players start their Weed business.

You will be placed in America where you will need to produce, breed, and sell them. you will also need to overcome obstacles like law, politics, finance, and more.

Which Weed Strain To Sell For Max Profit And Sales In Weedcraft Inc

Throughout the progression of the game, you will be able to grow various different strains/types of weeds which you will be able to sell and earn money.

But to earn money you will need to have weeds which are high in demand which will result in high sales. so learning about which strain is in demand can be very beneficial.

So below you will find a guide which explains which plants/strain to grow to make good money.

Strains Which Are Preferred By Different Groups

To learn about the Weed/strain which is in high demand. you will simply need to go to the city view and then select any location you want.

Here you will find the Social groups. so just simply select any chosen group and you will see details about them. in the details section, you will find about the strain which the group prefers.

Now you can just grow the highest rated strain for the social group. this will increase your chance of selling and hence increase your business.

The best way to utilize this information is by targeting the social groups which are very big. this way you will have many customers which is good for your business.

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