Weedcraft Inc – How To Grow And Improve Plants Quality

Weedcraft Inc

Weedcraft Inc has been released on PC via Steam. it is an indie strategy management game developed by Vile Monarch and Publisher Devolver Digital where players run a weed production and selling business.

You will need to manage the financial, civil, political, and other aspects. you will also find choices which will affect your gameplay plus a variety of trouble which you need to work around.

How To Grow And Improve Plants Quality In Weedcraft Inc

Basic For Growing Weed Plants

Once you get your desired place you will be able to start growing the weeds. but before you do that you will need to have a decent setup which will be optimal for your plants.

Plant Slots – In the room where you will be growing your weeds. you will always find three available slots to grow your weed. you can increase this limit by upgrading.

Lighting – Apart from slots your plant will need proper lighting. you need to have a decent setup as it affects the amount of weed you get from the plants.

Fan – This is one of the items you will need if you have many growing rooms with lights which increases the room.

Improving Quality Of Weeds

Once you have made the necessary required changes to the room. you will need to make sure that the weeds are of high or good quality otherwise nobody will buy it.

But maintaining quality is not as easy as it seems as each type/strain of weed has different requirement of temperature, humidity, and nutrients.

Controlling Nutrients – To make changes to nutrients like Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus, and nitrogen. you will need to click on the plant and select the test tube tab.

Here you will list of following the three nutrients and the slider next to it. N – Nitrogen, P – Phosphorus, K – Potassium. you can use the slider next to them to adjust the nutrients level.

Controlling Temperature And Humidity – To make changes to the temperature and humidity you will need to use the slider present in the bottom of the screen. this way you can easily change them.

Helping Plant Grow Properly

Just beside each plant, you will find two icons. a scissor icon which is plant training and water icon which is watering the plant.

Using Plant Training – to use this you will need to hold down this button which will accelerate the growth of the plant.

Watering The Plant – watering the plant improves the quality of the plant. so you need to fill up the indicator. once it reaches its max capacity it will disappear.

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