The Division 2 – How To Increase And Reach Gear Score 500

The Division 2 Gear Score 500

The Division 2 new update has been finally released by the Devs from Massive Entertainment. it brings new missions, new weapons, new gear sets, and more.

The new content update reveals the upcoming Operation Dark hours raid which you players need to prepare for and to do that you will need to get Max Gear score.

How To Increase And Reach Gear Score 500 In The Division 2

Below you will find a guide on how to increase Gear Score 500 efficiently.

Get High Level Items

One of the fastest ways to increase and reach the gear score of 500 gets high-level items. you will need to first increase the total gear score of 500 in your backpack.

To do this fast you will need to go to get high-level items. so just go to the vendors and buy high gear score items which will help increase the overall score.

The Vendors – there are three visible vendors one is in the base of operations and two at the two settlements. the gear they provide mostly depends on how far you are into the game.

Recalibration – Once you have acquired all the high-level gear score items available. you will need to go to the recalibrate the highest gear score to increase its level even further.

Missions To Grind

Controls Points – one of the easiest and fastest ways to grind for 500 gear score is control points. just take control of captured control points and you will get new loots which will have high-level drops.

The good thing about these missions is that they almost always drop high-end items which are above your current Gear score.

Occupied Dark Zone – This is another way you can utilize to get Gear score 500. so just equip the high-level items and do the Dark Zone.

Invaded Missions – if you get bored doing above missions you can do the invaded missions. the good thing about the invaded mission is that you will be able to get new gear set pieces.

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