Enter The Gungeon – How To Unlock Paradox (A Farewell To Arms)

Enter The Gungeon Unlock Paradox

Enter The Gungeon has released their A Farewell To Arms update which brings new characters, new game modes, new levels, new secrets and more.

The Paradox is one of the new unlockable characters but unlocking it can be a bit tricky and confusing. so in this guide, you will learn how to unlock it.

How To Unlock Paradox (A Farewell To Arms Update)In Enter The Gungeon

Unlock Through Space Rift – During your run in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor you will need to look for a space rift in one of the room. it appears randomly so it is adviced that you check all the room.

Once you find this space rift just enter it and you will see a Paradox effect. with this paradox effect active. you will need to defeat Lich in the bullet hell or just kill the character’s past.

Unlock Through Rainbow Mode – you can also do Rainbow mode to get paradox.

How To Defeat The Past Characters

To kill the past you will need to build an item called “The Bullet That Can Kill The Past”. it can only be created when you have four components listed below

  • Arcane Gunpowder – To get this item you will need to go to the second level mine. here in the big empty chamber, you need to Dodge roll into the invisible cart to get the Arcane Gundpowder.
  • Planar Lead – To get this item you will need to go to the third level big empty chamber. the path to it is hidden so use any gun which drops residue on the ground to reveal the hidden path.
  • Obsidian Shell Casing – To get this item you will need to destroy the skull of the Dragun the final boss.
  • Primer Primer – To get this item you can purchase it from the Shop for 100.

Once you get all the four components you will need to go to the blacksmith in the forge. this will give you the bullets which you take any number of times you want. use it to kill the past character and you will get the ending.

How To Defeat the Lich

To defeat Lich you will need to first Kil the past character of all four heroes. after that, you need to approach the final chest which will give you the Gun That Can Kill The Past. interacting with it will take you to the Bullet Hell where you will find Lich.

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