My Time At Portia – How To Recover And Increase Stamina Points

My Time At Portia Stamina

My Time At Portia has been finally released on PC via Steam and will be soon coming on other major platforms. it has been published by Team17 Digital Ltd and developed by Pathea Games.

In the game, you will be placed in the Town of Portia. you will be starting a new life by growing crops, raising animals, making friends and more.

How To Recover And Increase Stamina Points In My Time At Portia

Throughout the game, you will need to complete various tasks to progress through the game. you will need to build, collect resources, and also fight.

But to do these tasks you will need to have a good amount of Stamina points and doing any tasks uses a good amount of points.

So below you will find a guide on how to recover stamina and also increase stamina points.

Recover Stamina

Method 1 – your go-to method to recover the stamina bar instantly is by sleeping but if you do not have your house you will recover a small amount of Stamina.

Method 2 – you can also recover stamina by eating food. but different food types give different amount of stamina. for example, cooked food give higher stamina than raw cooked food. there are also some food types which give stamina and also give additional bonuses.

Increase Stamina Points

Stamina Points increasing Items – to make sure that you do not run out of stamina. you should always make that you have items which increase stamina.

For example, some clothing and items can increase your stamina points. make sure you check out all the items and upgrade which influence stamina points.

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