The Division 2 – How To Get Pestilence Exotic LMG

The Division 2 Pestilence Exotic LMG

The Division 2 developer Massive Entertainment has finally released the new content update which unlocks the awaited part of the game the Tidal Basin Stronghold.

The new Tidal Basin update brings plenty of new missions, items, weapons and more which players can unlock by completing certain task requirements.

How To Get Pestilence Exotic LMG In The Division 2

The Pestilence Exotic Weapon is the latest addition to the exotic section with unique talents. it is a light machinegun and can be a bit confusing to unlock,

So below you will find a guide on how to unlock this exotic weapon and learn about its unique talents.

How To Get Pestilence Exotic Light Machine Gun

Method 1 – To get this weapon you will need to play through either occupied Dark zone or Regular normal Dark zone PVE game modes. all you need to do is kill the boss and you will get the Pestilence LMG it is bit random so you might need to kill plenty of bosses before you get one. your best bet would be to complete the Tidal Basin Stronghold.

Method 2 – You can also try going the PVP route then head into the Occupied or regular Dark zone. then complete any boss mission and you will receive the Pestilence but as it the PVP route you will need to extract it, so be ready for fights.

Pestilence Exotic LMG Weapon Talents

This exotic weapon comes with 3 unique perks. the Plague Of The Outcasts, Pestilence and the outcast Resilience.

Plague Of The Outcasts

Hitting a target 20 times will apply a debuff called Plague of outcasts whenever an enemy under this debuff is killed, it will leave a toxic cloud for 10 seconds which will deal 200% weapon damage per second to anyone inside the gas.


This applies a debuff which reduces healing received by 50% for 10 seconds. furthermore, any enemy under pestilence debuff when downed dies instantly.

Outcast Resilience

When the weapon is holstered it will give 20% bonus armor for 5second whenever you are blinded, bleeding, or burning.

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