The Division 2 – How To Get Nemesis Exotic Sniper Rifle

The Division 2 Nemesis Exotic Sniper Rifle

The Division 2 devs have finally opened the gateway for the Tidal Basin Stronghold and with it, you will be able to unlock and craft new weapons, new items, new activities, and more.

The Nemesis Exotic weapon is one of the many new items available in the new update. but getting it can be a bit tricky. so below you will find a guide on how to get items to craft this new exotic weapon.

How To Get Nemesis Exotic Sniper Rifle In The Division 2

First, you will need to play the Story mode of the Tidal Basin for the first time.

Once you do it you will need to complete available invaded missions which will unlock the invaded Capitol Stronghold. then you need to complete the Stronghold.

This will unlock the Tidal Basin on different difficulties. so now once again play the Tidal Basin. you can select normal or hard difficulty it’s up to you.

Get Black Tusk Keycard

Now progress through the story until you destroy the first set of Turret Defense. near it, you will find a small building where Manny Ortega will tell you to interact with the Laptop.

In this particular building, you will need to go upstairs and near a bunk bed, you will find a Black Tusk Keycard.

Get Adrestia SR1 Sniper Rifle

After getting the Black Tusk Keycard you will need to progress until you reach the end of the missions in the Hovercraft Cargo Bay. soon you will reach the end and the game will ask you to go through the right door and then to the upper deck.

But instead of going through the right door you will need to go through the door on the left with a green number pad. you can use the Keycard to open the door.

In the small room, you will find a weapon crate and inside it, you will find the Adrestia SR1 Sniper Rifle.

Get Marksman Rifle Scope The Tally

Once you get the Adrestia rifle you will need to dismantle the rifle which will give you the exotic component Marksman Rifle: Scope The Tally.

If you read the description of the Tally scope you will find the three name Klutz, Shorty, and Prime which are bosses present in the invaded version of three Stronghold.

Complete Invaded Stronghold

Invaded Capitol Stronghold – To play the invaded version of the Capitol Stronghold you will need to first select the stronghold and then press G which will Toggle invasion.

In this stronghold, you will find the David “Prime” Maxwell Boss and if you defeat him you will Marksman Rifle: Barrel The Scourge”.

Not Available yet

  • Invaded District Union Arena – you will find Aurora “Klutz” Kay in this mission.
  • Invaded Roosevelt Island – you will find Shorty in this mission.

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