The Division 2 – How To Get Ghost Hunter Mask And Ivory Key

The Division 2 Ghost Hunter Mask Ivory Key

The Division 2 devs have finally released the Tidal Basin update which unlocks the Tidal Basin Stronghold, new weapons, new items, and much more.

The latest update will let you fight the Ghost Hunter which was previously not available. defeating this hunter will give you the Ghost Mask and the Ivory Key.

How To Get Ghost Hunter Mask And Ivory Key In The Division 2

Below you will find a guide on how and where to spawn the Ghost Hunter and get the ivory key and the Ghost Mask.

How To Spawn Ghost Hunter

Go To The Washington Monument which located in southwestern part of the map. it is a control point so you need to defeat all the enemy and capture it. once you do that enter the Monument and go down.

Here in the room, you will find an interactable button. so press it and it will display three different locations marked on the map.

These three marked locations are Graves where you need to go. all the graves are near the Washington monument and can be easily recognized as they have no grass over them and has a shovel next to the grave.

Saluting The Three Graves

Now your objective here is to go to all three grave locations and do the salute emote. if you do this correctly you will notice a static effect on your U.I. if you do it wrong then no static effect will happen.

Once you have saluted before all three graves you need to return to the Washington monument and interact with the button again. this will display a giant circle on the screen.

Defeat Ghost Hunter

Now leave the monument room, climb up, and you will see a red giant circle. enter it and the ghost hunter will spawn.

Defeat the Hunter and you will be able to get the Ghost Mask and eighth Ivory Key. now with all the eight key, you will be able to open the Ivory Chest.

So now enter the Base Of Operation and go right. there you will find the ivory chest which can be unlocked only if you have all the eight key.

If you do not have all the key you will need to defeat all the Hunters. below you will find a guide on the location of all the Hunters.

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