The Division 2 – How To Get Black Tusk Masks (New Update Masks)

The Division 2 Black Tusk Mask

The Division 2 devs have released a new update for their game which unlocks the Tidal Basin which is the stronghold for the Black Tusk.

Apart from adding the new stronghold, you will find plenty of new activities and other grindable quests which will keep you busy for a while.

How To Get Black Tusk Masks In The Division 2

With the arrival of the new update, players will find plenty of new content, new cosmetics, new missions, and much more.

The Black Tusk Masks is one of the latest item players can get in the new update. so below you will find a guide, on how to get them.

How To Get Black Tusk Mask

To get the Black tusk masks you will need open the invasion apparel caches. you can get them for free, all you need to do is log into the game during the event. if you have the season pass then you will get more of these caches.

But you need to get them quickly as they will be available for a limited period of time.

How To Get More Of Them

If you want more of these caches you will need to complete special projects and you might get them as a reward or you can just buy them using real money.

The mask itself is not very special looking and looks like a basic gas mask which is kind of disappointing but still something is better than nothing.

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