Risk Of Rain 2 – How To Complete Ascendant And Deicide Challenge

Risk Of Rain 2

Risk Of Rain 2 is now available on PC via Steam. the third person roguelike would be the latest game in the ROR series and brings plenty of new contents.

You will find a massive handcrafted 3D Levels, more than 70 different items, plenty of new enemies and bosses, unlockable characters, and more.

How To Complete Ascendant And Deicide Challenge In Risk Of Rain 2

Throughout the game progression, you will be able to find many different items, weapon, and more stuff.

You will also find many Shrines which are interactable objects used to change the flow of the game. One of them is called The Shrine of The Mountain and it can be used to complete two challenges.

Below you will find more about the shrine of the mountain and how to use them to complete challenges.

What is Shrine Of Mountain

It is one of the types of Mountain which you will find in the game. it looks like a skeletal four finger fist coming from the ground.

Using this particular shrine will increase the difficulty of that stages boss fight.

Ascendant Challenge

To complete this challenge you will need to activate two of the Shrine of Mountain at the same level. then you will need to beat the bosses present at the same level. doing this will give you the Ascendant challenge.

Once you complete this challenge you will get the Royal Capacitor item. this particular item brings down lightning to deal damage to a single target.

Deicide Challenge

To complete this challenge you will need to defeat the Elite boss on the Monsoon difficulty and to spawn the Elite boss you need to use the Shrine of Mountain.

Although it is not confirmed yet reports have been that finding 3 different shrines will spawn the Elite enemy

Once you have complete the Deicide challenge you will get the Brain talks item. this will remove your skill cooldowns for 3 seconds after you kill an elite enemy.

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