Tropico 6 – How To Does Liberty Work And How To Increase It

Tropico 6 Increase Liberty Mechanics

Tropico 6 will be the sixth main title in the Tropico series. the latest installment of the management, construction, and political simulation game will bring new features and options.

In the new iteration players assumes the role of “El Presidente and lead the Caribbean islands of Tropico through various eras by building new cities, bridges and more.

How To Does Liberty Work And How To Increase It In Tropico 6

Throughout the game progression, you will need to take care of various factors which will influence the happiness of the citizens and hence will affect how your Tropico kingdom grows.

Liberty is one of the many factors which influences the happiness rating. but to, unlike other Happiness factors, it is slightly complicated to manage it.

So below you will find a guide on Liberty mechanics works and how to you can manage it properly.

Liberty Mechanics

These mechanics influence how free your citizens feel in the Tropico Kingdom and it does influence happiness rating.

If you build more Military bases, government building, and any other restrictive buildings then the Liberty will start falling down which is not good.

But if you do not build the government structures. you will likely become weak and susceptible to attacks from others.

If the Liberty goes down to a very low level then the citizens will rebel and protest and vote against the current president in elections.

How To Manage Liberty Level

Since you cannot remove your important government buildings. it is best to increase the Liberty with other available options.

The best one is to set up newspapers near the residential areas. this will help increase the Liberty.

Furthermore, you can also create media, schools, Libraries, and other informative buildings which also increase the Liberty and hence will increase the Happiness.

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