Tropico 6 – How To Increase And Maintain Happiness

Tropico 6 Increase Happiness

Tropico 6 has been finally released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and other platforms. it will be the sixth iteration of the game and has been published by Kalypso Media and developer Limbic Entertainment.

The new edition of the game will feature the same core gameplay with construction, management, and political simulation. but for the first time, you will able to play on large archipelagos.

How To Increase And Maintain Happiness In Tropico 6

While building your empire you will need to maintain various things like food, housing, and other essential things which is needed to make a citizen.

Happiness is one of the factors for the citizens which is influenced by various factors and can be a bit difficult to manage some times.

So below you will find a guide on how to increase and maintain Happiness.

List Of Factors For Happiness

Food – the amount of food your population has is one of the factors for happiness. if you are running low on food then the happiness will down eventually.

To increase them you will need to build more ranches, grocery, and plantation. this will increase food production. furthermore, you can build a Restaurant to increase food happiness a bit.

Healthcare – this is another factor which will affect the happiness of the citizens. the best method would be to build clinics and hospitals in the cold war.

Just construct them next to the residential building to increase healthcare and also increase happiness.

Housing – not having proper housing can also create distress among the citizen. so it is best to provide the house near their place of works and near other public transportation.

Job – not having proper job quality can also create problems. for example, happiness will decrease if a person with a high skill is working on a low skilled job and also if a person is jobless.

So it is recommended that you all person should be working on their education level and also increase the budget of each building to increase job and thereby giving more employment.

Safety From Crime – As with every city people only feel safe when they are safe. with the rise in population, there will be a rise in crime. to prevent it you will need to set up prisons and police stations to increase the safety and then the happiness.

Liberty – the freedom experienced by your people will affect happiness. so increase their feeling of liberty you will need to build newspapers, media, and more.

Faith – this factor can also influence the happiness of your citizens. you can build churches and other religious structures to increase the happiness.




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