Risk Of Rain 2 – How To Earn Gold Quickly And Easily

Risk Of Rain 2

Risk Of Rain 2 has in now available on Steam via PC. it will be the latest game from Publisher Gearbox and Developer Hopoo Games. it will be the sequel to the Risk Of Rain 1 and comes with plenty of new Contents.

The roguelike game comes with many new levels and more challenging actions. you will be able to play solo or with a team against hordes of monster to escape the planet.

How To Earn Gold Quickly And Easily In Risk Of Rain 2

Throughout the game world, you will be able to use various different items and weapons by using gold earned from various different activities.

But if you do not know the quick and efficient way of farming them. then it will take some times.

Using Blood Shrine

While progressing through the map, you will find Blood shrine marked on the map as a dot. when you get near it you will see a red symbol on it.

If you get near it you will be able to give some percentage of your health and in exchange for that, you will get some gold.

The Shrine can be used Three times, when you use it for the first time it will take 50% of your health, when you use it for the second time it will take 75%, and when you use it for the third time it takes 93% of the health.

The higher health it takes the higher will be the amount of gold it takes each time. this is the quickest way to earn gold easily the only problem is that you lose health.

So it is recommended that you only use the Shrine when there are no enemies around you.

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