Warframe – Complete Attractive Nightwave Challenge/ Magnetic Damage


Warframe has been releasing plenty of new contents, challenges, missions, and other quests to make the game more interesting for players.

Throughout the progression of the game, you will be able to use various weapons, skills, and items to deal damage to the enemies.

How To Complete Attractive Nightwave Challenge/ Magnetic Damage In Warframe

There are many different challenges in the game and the The Attractive Nightwave challenge is one of them.

There are six secondary elemental damage types. but in this guide, we will learn about how the Magnetic Damage works which is required for completing the challenge.

What is Magnetic Damage?

Magnetic Damage can be created by mixing two different primary elemental types in the mods build the cold and electricity damage. this particular damage type increases damage to shields.

The Magnetic Damage applies a status effect known as Disrupt which reduces the shield capacity by 75% for 4 seconds.

Completing Attractive Nightwave Challenge

To complete this challenge you need to get 150 kills with Magnetic Damage.

So choose any weapon and equip the cold mod and Electrical mod. by combining them you will be able to create Magnetic Damage.

Weapons with Magnetic Damage

Apart from using mods to create the Magnetic Damage. you can also use weapons that have Magnetic Damage.

Battacor (Primary)

Opticor (Primary)

Opticor Vandal (Primary)

Simulor (Primary)

Synoid Simulor (Primary)

Gammacor (Secondary)

Synoid Gammacor (Secondary)

Halikar (Melee)

Kestrel (Melee)

Kogake (Melee)

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