Outward – Recipe For All Weapons, Alchemist Items, And Cooking Pot


Outward will be the latest game from Developer Nine Dots Studio and Publisher Deep Silver. it is an open world survival RPG game, where players will enter an ancient world as an Ordinary Adventurer.

You will have to survive the hazardous environmental condition, protect yourself from infectious diseases, and make your character more powerful with new items.

Recipe For All Weapons, Alchemist Items, And Cooking Pot In Outward

Throughout the game, you will be able to craft and unlock many different weapons, foods, potions and more.

So below you will be able to find a list of all the items and their recipes. the guide is a work in progress and will be updated soon.

Weapon And Other Utility Items

Ammolite Armor – 1X Ammolite + Padder Armor + 1x Palladium Scrap

Ammolite Boots – 1x Ammolite + Padded boots + 1x Palladium Scrap

Ammolite Helm – 1x Ammolite + Padded Helm + 1x Palladium Scrap

Arrow – 1x Wood + 1x Iron Scrap

Bullets – 1x Iron Scrap + 1x Thick oil

Crescent Greataxe – 2x Shark Cartilage + Palladium Scrap + Felling Axe

Coralhorn Bow – Recurve Bow + 2x Occult Remains + 1x Crystal Powder

Horror Bow – 2x Horror Chitan + War Bow + Occult Remains

Fang Axe – 1x Iron Axe, 1x Predator Bones, 1x Linen Scrap

Fang Club – 1X Iron Mace + 1x Predator Bones, 1x Linen Scrap

Fang Sword – 1x Iron sword + 1x Predator bones + 1x Linen Scrap

Fang Trident – 1x Iron Spear + 2x Predator Bones + 1x Linen Scrap

Poison Rag – 1x Grilled Crabeye Seed + Linen cloth

Fire Rag – 1x Thick Oil + 1x Linen Cloth

Ice Rag – 1x Seaweed + 1x Linen Cloth

Old Lantern – 2x Iron Scraps + 1x Thick oil + 1x Linen Cloth

Ice – Flame Torch – Makeshift Torch + Cold Stone + Iron Scrap

Alchemist Items

Astral Potion – 1x Star Mushroom + 1x Turmmip + Clean Water

Cold Stones x3 – Mana Stone + Blue Sand

Crystal Powder – 4x Mana Stone

Discipline potion – 1 water + 1 Ochre Spice beetle + Livweedi

Endurance Potion – Clean Water + Krimp Nut + Egg

Fire Stone – 1x Mana Stone + 1x Thick Oil at Alchemy Kit

Great Astral Potion – 1x Astral Potion + 1x Ghost Eyes

Great Endurance Potion – Endurance Potion + Krimp Nut

Hex Cleaner – Clean Water + Greasy Fern + Salt

Life Potion – 1x Gravel Beetle + 1x Blood Mushroom + Clean Water

Mist Potion – River Water + Ghost’s Eye

Poison Varnish – 1x Gaberry Wine + 1x Occult Remains + 1x Miasmapod + 1x Grilled Crabeye Seed

Spiritual Varnish – 1x Gaberry Wine + 1x Ghost Eye + 1x Mana Stone

Cooking Pot Items

Cierzo Ceviche – Rainbow Trout + Seaweed + Salt

Dry Mushroom Bar – 4x Common Mushroom

Gaberry Jam – 4x Gaberries

Gaberry Tartine – Bread + Gaberry Jam

Luxe Lichette – Azure Shrimp + Larva Egg + Seaweed + Raw Rainbow Trout

Meat Stew – Meat + 1x Gaberries + Salt

Miner’s Omelet – Egg + Egg + Common Mushroom

Mineral Tea – Clean Water + Gravel Beetle

Mushroom Bar – 4x Common Mushroom

Ocean Fricassee – Larva Egg + Fish + Seaweed

Pot-Au-Dey-Du Pirate – 3X Fish + Salt

Pungent Paste – Egg + Ochre Spice Beetle + Fish

Soothing Tea – Clean Water + 1x Seaweed at cooking Pot/Kitchen

Spicy Bitter Tea – Clean Water + Ochre Spice Beetle

Turmmip Potage – 3x Turmmip + Salt

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