Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Location Of All Snap Seeds

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Location Of All Snap Seed

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice brings plenty of new mechanics, items, skills, tools, and more to increase your character’s capabilities.

The Snap Seed is one of the many items in the game which quite useful. it is used to break the effect of illusion techniques created by enemies.

Location Of All Snap Seeds In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

So below you will find the guide on the location of all the Snap Seeds in the game.

Ashina Outskirts: Underbridge Valley

From this idol keep progressing and use avoid getting seen by the large snake. soon you will reach a ledge. so cross it and then hide in a cart/hut structure.

Just in front of this cart/hut where you hide is bushes and among them you will find 5 of them.

Hirata Estate: Hirata Audience Chamber

Progress through the hall and you will find an NPC who will give you the snap seed.

Sunken Valley: Sunken Valley

Progress and you will come near a bridge which leads into the Gun Fort. now look for the seed on top of the wooden platform just before the entrance inside the Gun Fort.

Sunken Valley: Riven Cave

From this idol go through the Tunnel present above you. once you exit it look below and you will find three snap seed.

Sunken Valley: Bodhisattva Valley

From this idol proceed till you reach the Toxic Memorial mob. just beside it, you will find one of them.

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