Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Location Of All Divine Confetti

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Divine Confetti Location

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice brings a variety of enemies and bosses who behave differently and also attack differently but some of them are very strong and to defeat them you will need certain items.

The Divine Confetti is one of the many enemies which can be used against Apparition type enemies. this will help you attack these enemy types easily.

Location Of All Divine Confetti In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Below you will find a guide on the location of all Divine Confetti.

Divine Confetti #1 – Near Ashina Outskirts Wall Stairway

Near the Ashina Outskirts Wall – Stairway idol. you will find a Chained Ogre in an open area. on the right side is a large open gate, now just go through it and on the right side near some gravestones you will find it.

Divine Confetti #2 and #3 – Hirata Estate – Main Hall

Near the Hirata Estate – Main Hall idol. proceed through the path until you reach an area with a large number of enemies. here on the right side. will find plenty of buildings. you need to go to the building present on the right corner and you will find the two Divine Confetti.

Divine Confetti #4 and #5 – Hirata Estate – Main Hall

From the Hirata, Estate Main hall idol goes down until you reach Jozou the Drunkard. defeat him and then go into the building and take the left hallway toward the two enemies.

Now take the left turn and you will reach a wall with the scroll on it. hug the wall and you will enter the secret area. on the left side of this secret area, you will find a scroll with two more of this Confetti.

What is Divine Confetti

This item will help you attack the apparition type enemies but it is not permanent and works for a small amount of time.

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