Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – How To Remove Bell Demon Buff

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice How To Turn Bell Demon Off

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice has plenty of different items mechanics which will let you get various buff making you heal, make your posture more strong and more.

The Bell Demon is one of the many items in the game which gives you a very useful Buff but it also creates problems for you, which can either be worth it or not worth it. it depends on the players.

How To Remove Bell Demon Buff In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

So below you will find a guide on Where is the Demon Bell, what does the Sekiro Demon Bell do, and how to turn off the Bell.

Where Is Sekiro Demon Bell

The Demon Bell can be found at the beginning of the Senpou Temple Mt Kongo Zone. it is present near the first Sculptor’s Idol called the Bell Demon’s Temple.

To get to the Bell itself you need to reach the Headless ape pit. instead of fighting the Headless ape you can just move into the small passageway.

Then you will find a wall with an outline of a man, hug it and you will come into a new area which will have the Bell Demon’s Temple Idol and you will find the cursed bell.

What Does Sekiro Demon Bell Do

The Demon Bell is a big bell which you will encounter while progressing through the game. when you interact with this bell it will give you two options you can either ring the bell or leave it alone.

If you ring the bell you will get the demon buff which will make the enemies more difficult then they normally are. even the low-level enemies will become more difficult.

But the good thing is that killing enemies while under the Demon Bell effect will give you high-level loots and drops which will help you with the game progression.

How To Remove Sekiro Demon Bell Buff

To remove the Demon Bell Buff you will need to go into your inventory. then scroll down the items until you find the Bell Demon item. the item can be recognized from the flaming eye icon.

Just select the Bell Demon item and use it. this will cause an animation which will appear saying “Burden Dispelled”. this will cause the enemies to go back to the normal difficulty and the loots and drop value will also drop.

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