Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – Location Of All Prosthetic Tools

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice All Prosthetic Tools Location

Sekiro Shadow Die Twice has been finally released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. it has been created by Developer Fromsoftware and Publisher Activision.

The story of the game takes players back to the Sengoku period as Sekiro attempts to take revenge on samurai who attacked him and kidnapped his lord.

Location Of All Prosthetic Tools In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

Throughout the game progression, you will be able to find and unlock several different skills, items, and upgrades which will make your character more powerful.

The Prosthetic Tools are one of the many items which can be obtained by which can be used with the Prosthetic arms.

So below you will find a guide, on the location of all the Prosthetic Tool in the game.

How To Equip Prosthetic Tools

Once you find one of the Prosthetic Tools. you will need to bring it to the sculptor at the Dilapidated Temple. he will fit the tools in your arm and you will be able to use it.

Just note that using these tools consumes spirit emblems and the number of spirit emblems which can be upgraded via skill option.

To upgrade the Prosthetic tools at the sculptor you will need to get Black Gunpowder, Scrap Magnetite, and other items.

Prosthetic Tool #1 Shuriken Wheel

Can be found near the Go to the “Outskirts Wall – Gate Path” idol fast travel point. now from the idol, you can use the grapple hook jump to enter through a hole in the building present there.

Now on the left side of the corpse, you will find a golden glowing item which is the Shuriken Wheel Tool.

Prosthetic Tool #2 Robert’s Firecrackers –

Can be found after Outskirts Wall – Gate Path – proceed through the Outskirts wall until you find a miniboss called General Naomori Kawarada. from the position of this mini-boss, take the path downhill on the left.

Here on the left, you will find a grapple to reach the top of the mountain. use it and you will reach a secret merchant sitting in a tent. you will be able to get Robert’s Firecracker from him with 500 Money.

The sculptor will turn Robert’s Firecrackers into the shinobi Firecracker.

Unlocking Hirana Estate

To unlock the Hirata Estate you will need to talk to an Old woman present in a destroyed house in Ashina Outskirts. the house is present between the “Outskirts Wall – Gate Path” & “Outskirts Wall – Stairway”. she will give you a bell which can be used at the Altar.

Prosthetic Tool #3 Flame Barrel –

Can be found at the Estate Path – Once you have unlocked the Hirata estate after talking to the old woman. proceed through the estate area. until you reach the Estate path idol. from here you need to jump across the walls on the right side until you reach a large area which has enemies around a campfire and an archer in a big area.

Inside the campfire, you will find the Flame Barrel Tool. take the tool to the sculptor and the flame barrel will turn into flame vent tool.

Prosthetic Tool #4 Shinobi Axe Of The Monkey – Estate Path

Can be found at the Estate Path – From the campfire from which you picked the Flame Barrel(#3 Prosthetic tools). follow the path upstairs and you will find a man on verge of death leaning against a wall on the right side.

Talk to him and he will tell you about an axe. then go left and enter the garden and kill the enemies. finally, you need to open the garden house in which you will find the tool. now take it to the sculptor and the shinobi axe will be turned into Loaded Axe Tool.

Prosthetic Tool #5 Mist Raven’s Feather

Can be found near Near Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol – For this tool you will need to go to Bamboo Thicket Slope Idol. this idol can be found right after killing “Shinobi Hunter Eshin of Misen” miniboss. once you reach the idol. proceed on the path, take the stairs, and grapple on the tree on the left.

From the tree drop down to the water and swim up towards the river all the way to the end. use the grapple on the right side and you will find a golden glowing item.

On the right side of this item, you will find a Bamboo door/Barricade. just hit it to destroy it and thus revealing a path into a cave. now go up to the cave and you will find a hidden temple on top of a mountain.

Open the door of this temple and inside you will find the tool. the sculptor will turn the Mist Raven’s Feathers into The Mist Raven Tool.

More Location coming soon

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