Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – How To Increase Unseen Aid

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Increase Unseen Aid

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice brings plenty of different mechanics which makes the game more interesting like posture, balance and more.

The Unseen Aid is one of the mechanics in the game which can be very useful but it is very difficult to maintain it as it can go down easily.

How To Increase Unseen Aid In Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

So below you will find a guide which explains what is Unseen Aid and how can you increase it to gain its benefits.

What is Unseen Aid

The unseen aid is one of the many buffs you will find in the game. this buff gives Sekiro a chance to prevent you from losing money or experince.

To see the chance you currently have just go to the Sculptor’s Idol Screen in the upper right corner.

But if you have been monitoring the Unseen aid status. you will notice that it goes down which reduces the chance of preventing the loss.

Relation Of Unseen Aid and Dragon Rot

Before you increase Unseen Aid you need to know that it is not related to any kill, task, or other similar activities. but instead, it is related to dragonrot.

All most all of the friendly or neutral NPC characters can be effected by Dragonrot. the more character gets it the more will the unseen aid percentage go down.

Under the ill state, the NPCs will not be able to provide much help. so you need to make sure that you prevent the dragonrot otherwise it can stagnant your progress.

How to Cure and Increase Dragonrot

To cure the Dragonrot visit Emma the Physician. then after diagnosing the Sculptor, she will instruct you to bring her blood sample from other NPC who are affected by Dragon rot.

Once you do the above she will give a charm which can be used with Dragon’s Blood Droplet to cure everyone of the rotting effect.

The Dragon’s Blood Droplet is a very expensive item and can be bought from the Pot Noble vendor. it will cost you treasure carp scales which are a bit difficult to get. you can find their location below.

When everyone is cured from dragonrot the Unseen Aid will increase to 30% which seems to be the maximum value it can go to.

If the Unseen Aid goes down you can just repeat the above method to increase it again.

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