The Division 2 – How To Increase And Improve Gear Score For World Tier

The Division 2 Increase Gear Score

The Division 2 will have various different events in the game. you will have the main story campaign, side missions, settlement projects and the best of all plenty of end game contents to grind through.

The world tier is one of the many end game content. there are a total five of these tiers and the requirement for them is to get a specific gear score which is very high.

How To Increase And Improve Gear Score For World Tier In The Division 2

So below you will find a guide, on how to reach 275 Gear Score and more to progress through different world tiers and other events.

Complete The Invaded Missions

To increase the level of your Gear score and also proceed towards the world tier requirement. you should do the invaded missions as they are a requirement for the World Tier progression and doing them will also reward you with high tier gears which will let you increase your Gear Score.

Upgraded Superior Crafting Bench

Another way to get high-level gear is to craft them. but you will not get the high-level items from a basic Crafting Bench. so you will need to increase the Bench level.

Once you do that you will be able to use it to craft high-level gears which will eventually let you get high Gear Score.

Buying From Vendors

When you cross Level 30 and reach World Tier 1. you will be able to buy the high Gear Score items easily from the Vendors. the vendors will offer various items which will have a very high-level score.

There are a total of three vendors in the game. one at the Base Of Operation, one at the campus settlement, and the final one at the Theater settlement.

By following the above methods you will be able to increase your Gear Score easily and quickly and progress through different world Tiers.

You can learn more about all the five world tier and how to unlock them. from the guide, below.

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