The Division 2 – How To Get Chatterbox Exotic SMG

The Division 2 Get Chatterbox Exotic SMG

The Division 2 features a variety of weapons like rifles, SMGs, Pistols, and more. furthermore, these weapons come in different rarity which have different stats.

The exotic weapon is one of the rarity in the game and the Chatterbox Exotic SMG is one of them. as it is a high rarity gun getting it can be very difficult.

How To Get Chatterbox Exotic SMG In The Division 2

So below you will find a guide, on how to get all the parts and blueprints for Chatterbox SMG and their location.

How To Get The Chatterbox Exotic SMG Parts

To get the Chatterbox Exotic P90 parts you will need to grind a bit as the parts are dropped randomly. but still with a little tedious work you should get it.

So first you should focus on doing missions in the Hyena territory because these parts can be only found in Hyena chests/caches.

The places where you can find these Hyena chests are in Downtown East, downtown west, Federal Triangle, and the Judiciary Square.

To not run blindly around these locations searching for the caches, do the District union Arena, Grand Washington Hotel, and Jefferson Trade Center.

You need to repeatedly run these missions and look for the Hyena chests until you get all the Three Chatterbox parts namely Creative Mag, Loaded Canister, and Modified Mods.

Just note that each of these parts is tied to a particular location. so if you find one in a particular location, you can move on to search for the rest of the two in the remaining location. below you can learn about the parts and their tied locations.

  • Creative Mag – In Federal Triangle
  • Loaded Canister – In Downtown East
  • Modified Mods – In Judiciary Square
How To Get Chatterbox Blueprints

To get the blueprint for this exotic gun you will need to do the Bank Headquarters mission in the Downtown West in Challenging difficulty.

While playing the mission you will need to look for a Cache/chest in the hidden vault. and in here you will find the blueprint for the weapon.

Chatterbox Exotic Weapon Talents

True to its name this exotic SMG comes with three talents which are very good and focused on increases fire rate and refilling the magazine. you can read about them below

Incessant Chatter – it gives 1% rate of fire for every shot landed on an enemy, this stacks up to 60% and resets upon reload.

Box Magazine – it gives 20% magazine refill when you get a kill with this weapon for ten seconds. while the buff is active every landed shot increases the magazine capacity by 1 which goes up to 60. also while you are in the buff, killing a target will completely refill the increased magazine.

Blabbermouth – While holstered, reloading your weapon with five seconds after a kill will give you a 20% rate of fire for 10 seconds.

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