The Division 2 – How To Get All Free And Unlockable Apparels/ Outfits

The Division 2 Get Free Outfits And Unlockable Apparels

The Division 2 brings a very deep customization feature which lets players change their character skills, perks, and appearance.

The Outfits/Apparel are some of the options which will let you change your characters looks. but get them in the game can be difficult and a bit tricky.

How To Get All Free And Unlockable Apparels/ Outfits In The Division 2

So below you will find a guide on how to get all free outfits and unlockable outfits.

Retro Uniform World War Outfit

The Division 2 Retro Field World War 2 Uniform

To Unlock this outfit you will need to complete the Navy Hill Transmission side mission. you can find this mission on the eastern side of the Navy Hill control point and the western side of constitution hall. you can find it marked on the map as a red dot.

Once you reach the location enter through the green door, drop down the hole, follow the path and talk to Jane Applegate. she will give you the Navy Hill Transmission mission. just complete it and you will get it.

Demolitionist Uniform, Marksman Uniform, Survivalist Uniform

To get this particular outfit you will need to unlock specializations and to do that you will need to reach the World Tier 1.

To unlock World Tier 1 you will need to reach Level 30 and then complete the three strongholds in the following order

  • District Union Stronghold
  • Roosevelt Stronghold
  • Capitol Stronghold

Once you reach World Tier 1 go to Quarter Master at Base of Operations to get the Specializations. you can learn about unlocking specializations from the guide below.

Free Outfits/ Apparels

To get this you will need to create a new character/ agent. this will give you 27 different apparel option which you can choose from and equipping particular apparel will unlock it.

But here is the good part doing this will unlock the apparel you chose, for every character present in your account.

After this, you need to log out, delete the newly created character and again create a new character/agent. but this time equip a different apparel and it will be unlocked for all character.

You need to repeat the process of creating a new character, choosing different apparel, logging out and deleting the character.

For getting all the apparel you will need to go through all of them by using the above method. this will unlock all of them for Free.

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