The Division 2 – Location Of Gear Dyes And How To Get Them

The Division 2 Location Of Gear Dyes And How To Get Them

The Division 2 will have plenty of weapons, armors, masks, and other gears which can be used to customize characters appearance, stats, and other traits.

The Gear Dyes is one of the many customization features which lets the player change the color of all almost all gears. but finding them can be very difficult.

Location Of Gear Dyes And How To Get Them In The Division 2

So Below you will find a guide, on the location of Gear Dyes and how to get them easily. just note that the location part is still a work in progress.

What are Gear Dyes

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock different rarity gears which will have mod slots. but along with these mods slots, you will also find a gear dye slots which can be used to change the color of your weapon, backpacks, kneepads, and more.

Where To Get Gear Dyes

These Gear Dyes can be found easily on the orange supply drop box. these boxes can be mostly found on top of trees, stuck between buildings, and any other higher places.

These boxes are easily missable as they are not in plain sight and are in almost all cases on high locations where the majority of players never look.

So below you will find a map which has some of the location (more location will be added soon)

The Division 2 Gear Dyes Location And How To Get Them

Orange Box #1 (Marked as Red) – It can be found on top of a tree, behind the Lincoln Memorial.

Orange Box #2 (Marked as Deep Blue) – it is hanging on from a crane.

Orange Box #3 (Marked as Green) – it is hanging from a tree.

Orange Box #4 (Marked as Yellow) – it is on the southern part of the White House, on a tree.

How To Get Gear Dyes From The Orange Supply Drop Box

As mentioned above these boxes are located in high places and you cannot reach them. so to open them you will need just shoot them and it will drop the loots.

The loot contains various masks and the item you want the Gear Dye.

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