The Division 2 – Location Of All Hunters And Hunter Masks

The Division 2 Location of All Hunters and Hunter Masks

The Division 2 will have a variety of enemies each having different weapons, appearance, behaviors and more.

The Hunter is one of the many different kinds of enemies which you will encounter in the game. these enemies are very powerful and they also drop a collectible named Hunter Masks. the only problem is that they are difficult to find.

Location Of All Hunters And Hunter Masks In The Division 2

So below you will find a guide which has all the details about the location of all the Hunter enemies and how to spawn them.

The guide is a work in progress

The Division 2 All Hunter Location and Hunter Mask

Ghoul Mask (marked as Green)

Can be found in the northeast direction from the Lincon Memorial, in West Potomac Park.

Here you will need to enter an open sewer hole, then proceed through the path, go up the stairs, and there you will find a laptop.

Interact with it and a light above the laptop will turn on. with a crescent moon and x mark on the man. this means you will need to come here during night time.

Now go to the eastern side of Lincon Memorial(marked on the map as red). until you reach a small watchtower-like structure which has a blinking light on it.

So just shoot the light and the Hunter will spawn. now kill the Hunter and you will get the Mask and other rewards.

Cross Mask, Diamond Mask, Death Mask, And Phantom Mask (Marked as Red)

This location is present on the eastern side of the map. just southeast from the Federal Triangle.

Here you will find a park which has a Christmas tree in the middle of it. now you need to look for a counter which has a lever, it is present at the uppermost part of the staircase.

After doing this go to the Christmas tree and move around it in a circle in clockwise. do this until the Hunter Spawn.

If you do this correctly, Four hunters will spawn. defeat them and you will get Cross mask, death mask, phantom mask, and the diamond mask.

Just note – that the three Hunter will spawn close to the Christmas tree and the fourth one is just a few meters away(marked on the map)

Midas And Revenant (Marked as Dark Blue)

It is located on the northwest part of the map. you will need to go to the marked location and you will find a big hotel complex.

Here you will also find a ruined swimming pool. just enter it, stand on small board and look towards the numbers present on the side of pool.

Once you are standing in the position mentioned above, start doing jumping jacks and the two hunters will spawn.

Now you just need to defeat them and you will get the two Hunter Masks.

Crimson Mask (Marked as Yellow)

For this, you will need to go to the northeast part of the map. basically, present next to a control point.

Here you will need to go to the center of the courtyard and then look for two doorways which are on the opposite side of each other.

First, you need to interact with the computer on the desk by going through the doorway. then you need to cross the courtyard and go to the opposite doorway. here you will find a phone on a desk which you can interact with it.

Doing this will spawn a hunter in the courtyard just defeat him and you will get the mask.

Demon Mask (Marked as Pink)

You can go to the northeastern part of the map. then go to the building on the left side of the settlement.

Once you reach this location, you will need to look for a staircase which goes down to a shopping mall like area. from here just follow the path until you reach the big open glass area.

Now climb the platform and look towards the windows on the west side. on the windows, you will find four targets. you need to shoot the targets from the top to bottom.

Before shooting them just make sure that you know all the four locations. if done correctly it will spawn a Hunter, kill him and you will get the Demon Mask.

Wraith Mask (Marked as Light Blue)

You will need to go to this location and look for a memorial with lots of name on it. now shoot the light which was shining on the memorial. then stand before the memorial and salute it until the Hunter spawns.

Now you just need to kill him and get the mask.

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