The Division 2 – How To Get Liberty Exotic Weapon/ All Crafting Items

The Division 2 How To Get Liberty Exotic Weapon All Crafting items Location

The Division 2 will be bringing plenty of new weapons, armors, backpacks, kneepads, and other gear items which can be used to make your character more powerful.

The Exotic Weapon is one of the rarities types and the Liberty Exotic weapon is one of them. the only problem is the components required to craft it which are very difficult to get.

How To Get Liberty Exotic Weapon/ All Crafting Items In The Division 2

So below you will find a guide on how to craft the Liberty Exotic and how to get all the components.

Liberty Exotic Details For Crafting

The Liberty Exotic pistol can be only obtained by crafting it. to craft it you will need to get all the required components and items.

You will need to get the following

  • Credits – 464
  • Pistol: Receiver and Paintjob – 1
  • Pistol: Sight and Rail – 1
  • Pistol: Grip and Tags – 1
  • Pistol: Trigger and Mechanism – 1
  • Polycarbonate – 19
  • Carbon Fibre – 15
  • Receiver Components – 45
  • D50 Level 1

All the items except the pistol parts and the D50 Level 1 can be easily obtained but if you do not have any one of them. you can check out the crafting guide below to learn how to get them.

How To Get Pistol Trigger And Mechanism

To get this particular item you will need to progress through the story and complete the Capitol Building Stronghold which a level 30 mission.

Here you will need to fight a boss named Kendra Nelson. once you defeat her, you will get the Pistol: Trigger And Mechanism. once you get this part the rest of missions related to the exotic weapon will be activated.

Complete the Three Required Missions (How To Get Pistol Receiver & Paintjob, Sight & Rail, Grip & Tags, And Liberty Blueprint)

Now you will need to complete the three specific missions on hard difficulty which includes killing three bosses.

All the three missions are Theater Settlement Mission and are marked as a double hexagon, so it should not be hard to find them.

Just note that you need to do the missions in the order of the listing below.

  • American History Museum – Defeat captain Briggs and you will get the Pistol: Receiver & Paintjob.
  • Viewpoint Museum – Defeat staff sergeant Carl Wade and you will get the drop Pistol: Sight & Rail.
  • Space Administration HQ – Defeat master sergeant Steve Junior Quiroz and you will get the drop Pistol: Grip & Tags and the Kendra‚Äôs Liberty Blueprint.
Where To Get The D50 Level 1 Pistol

Now, this pistol is can be pretty hard to get. as there is no specific known way to obtain it, so your best bet would be to grind through the game until you get it.

There have been reports that you can get this item in the Potomac Event Center, Invaded Mission which located on the northwestern part of the map, near the shore. so you can try completing it.

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