The Division 2 – Where To Find Disrupt Propaganda Events

The Division 2 Where To Find Disrupt Propaganda events

The Division 2 brings plenty of main and side missions which can be completed to earn Exp, crafting materials, skills, perks, and more.

The Disrupt Propaganda events are one of the many side mission which you can do in the game but the only problem with this event is finding it which can get confusing.

Where To Find Disrupt Propaganda Events In The Division 2

Below you will find a guide on where to find this settlement project event and how to complete it.

Where to find Disrupt Propaganda for Division 2 Settlement Projects

To get this events location, first, you need to pop up your map. then you will need to look for the white question marks present on the map.

This question marks have the possibility of being a Disrupt Propaganda event but you cannot know about it until you get close to it. so go near it and if this question marks is a propaganda event, it will turn to red speaker icon on the map when you get close to it.

Tip to find the event – The disrupt propaganda event spawns only on the street. so only go towards the white question marks which are present on the road. this will help you get to it easily.

Also, there are multiple propaganda events in the game. the location where you complete it does not matter. so if you find one just complete it and you will get this project mission done.

How To Find The Disrupt Propaganda Event If You Fail It

If you fail the mission, you need to simply find another event. as mentioned above there are multiple such objectives. just look for the white question mark on the map present on the road and you will most likely find it.

How To Complete The Disrupt Propaganda projects

Once you find the mission you will need to look for the speaker which is usually present in the center of the event area. this speaker will be guarded by enemies so you need to kill them all.

Once you do that get near the speaker and take control of it. this will override the speaker and cause more enemy to enter the area.

So once again clear the enemy wave, then again go back to the speaker and interact with it. more enemy will spawn again and you need to defeat them.

This will happen quite a few times, the thing you need to take care of is the access key which is dropped by one of the enemies from the enemy wave. it is easy to recognize as it has yellow pillar shining on it.

This key will be used to re-initiate the override of the speaker. you need to keep doing this process until you complete the mission.

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