The Division 2 – How To Unlock All Specializations

The Division 2 How To Unlock All Specializations

The Division 2 would be bringing many old and new features to the second installment in the series. you will be able to use photo mode, new clans, new progression system, new PVP, and more.

The specialization is one of the many features which lets you customize your character with more specific perks, skill, and weapons.

How To Unlock All Specializations In The Division 2

Below you will find a guide on how to unlock all the Specializations and how they function in the game.

How To Unlock All Specializations

To unlock this feature in the game you will first need to progress through the story and grind main and side missions to reach level 30. you can learn how to level up fast from the guide below.

Once you do that you will need to complete all the available stronghold locations. in the following order.

  • District Union Arena
  • Roosevelt Island
  • Capitol Building

Just note that these strongholds come with their own requirements like Gear Score of 275 and other missions. so to be ready to grind to get the 275 scores.

Once you have completed all the three strongholds. you will receive a notification which says “Advancing World Tier 1“.

After that just go back to the Base of Operations and interact with the Quarter Master. here you will see a new notification which says “Specialization Available

What are Specializations?

Well, this is another progression metric of the game which lets you focus and improve your character in a very specific way.

There will be three such specializations available to you. each of them offers a unique weapon and outfit.

  • Demolitionist
  • Survivalist
  • Sharpshooter

Remember that you are not tied to a specific specialization. so you can switch between them any time you want.

Every specialization has its own skill tree. to unlock the perks mentioned in the tree. you will need to complete various activities. this will give you specialization points which you can use on the tree and unlock new perks.

One good thing about the specialization points is that they are not tied to the tree meaning if you use them on one perk but later you decide you want to use them on another perk, then you can easily switch the spent points.

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