The Division 2 – How To Get Merciless Score 250 Ruthless Upgrade

The Division 2 How To Get Merciless Score 250 Ruthless Upgrade

Destiny 2 will be the new sequel to the 2014’s installment Division 1. it will be a survival shooter game and has been developed by Publisher Ubisoft and Developer Massive Entertainment.

The new story will bring plenty of new weapons, skills, perks, outfits, characters and more. it would also have a new story which takes in Washington D.C and shows a civil war between survivors and marauders.

How To Get Merciless Score 250 Ruthless Upgrade In The Division 2

Players who have pre-ordered the new game will be rewarded with plenty of bonus exclusive items like outfits, weapons, skins, other rewards. if you have pre-ordered the game and have not yet redeemed your bonus items, then you can learn how to do it below.

The Ruthless is one of the exotic weapons and is rewards for pre-ordering the game and is one of the two exotic weapons. this weapon can be upgraded by completing certain requirements but one of the requirements for it is to get the Merciless Score 250 which the game does not explain clearly.

So below you will find a guide, on what is Merciless Score 250 and how to get it.

What Is Merciless Score 250

The Merciless Score 250 is not an item you can acquire or a task which can be completed for upgrading Lullaby. although it has been mentioned in the game as one of the requirements for upgrades, it has nothing to do with the Ruthless exotic weapon.

It actually a preorder bonus item reward which can be used to change the skin of another weapon called Merciless and make it look like Ruthless.

How To Get Merciless score 250

To obtain the Merciless Score 250 you will need to reach level 30 which is the highest cap in the game. after level 30 your progression will be checked by gear score. the gear score itself can be called as a progression metric for the post-game content which is after level 30.

To increase the gear score you will need to keep getting better items. you can also increase this score by upgrading the items that you are currently using.

So if you want to get Merciless Score 250 you will need to grind a lot of post-game content, events, and more.

How To Actually Upgrade Ruthless Exotic

To upgrade this exotic weapon you will need to progress and grind through the game until you reach level 30. after that you need to increase the gear score by using upgrades. for this, you will need to spend components, credit and more.

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