The Division 2 – How To Get Level 30 Fast/ Earn Exp Fast Easily

The Division 2 How To Get Level 30 Fast, Earn Exp Fast

The Division 2 will be the new tactical shooter action role-playing series and a sequel to its 2014 installment. it has been developed by Massive Entertainment and Published by Ubisoft.

It will have new factions, new Clan system, new skills, Dark Zones, and as announced by the devs, it will have plenty of free content updates for the first year.

How To Earn Exp Fast To Get Level 30 In The Division 2

The campaign/story mode is pretty good but what’s even better is the end game contents. but to reach there you will need to level up fast and reach Level 30 which is the highest cap.

So below you will find a guide on how to level up fast and reach level 30 easily and quickly.

Get XP bonus Perks

if your aim is to farm XP then this should be done as soon as you. just go to Base Of Operation and interact with the Quartermaster.

Here you will need to look for XP boosting perks. it can be found under the perk tab which looks like a badge (it’s on the second row, the fourth position).

In this tab, you will find five different XP boosting perks namely

  • Headshot Accolade – headshot kills award Bonus XP
  • Multi-Kill Accolade – Getting multiple kills give bonus XP
  • Weakpoints – Killing by destroying weak points award an XP bonus.
  • Tactical Kill Accolades – killing by destroying environment objects give bonus XP.
  • Survivor – Not dying for a long time in solo or in a team gives you bonus XP.

Just note that to get these perk you will need to spend SHD Tech points. if you do not have enough Tech points. you can follow the guide, listed below to learn how to get them easily.

XP boosting Gears

As you are progressing through the game you will be able to earn various rarity of gears. once you get the high rarity gears you will be able to customize them by attaching mods to them.

This slots can be equipped with different mods. for farming XP, you will need to use the mods which increases XP gain similar to the XP boosting perks.

The good thing about these mods is that you can use multiple XP mods in a particular gear and they will all stack up.

Control Points

These are the type of missions which you will find across the map. you can recognize them easily by looking for a red flag sign.

Just go to this location and complete them. this will give you a decent amount of XP, high tier loots and supplies.

The good thing about these control points is that they can be repeated if they are taken over again by enemy forces. but you will only get the XP and not the loot.

Main Missions

This should be very obvious as the main missions give a good amount of XP. but you should always do the main missions when you are close the level of that particular mission.

If you do that mission when you are a few levels below and you are able to complete it. then you will have a large gap between your and the next level which means now you need to grind more other missions.


These are small tasks which can be obtained from the Settlements and Base of Operations. just complete them and you will get some XP. the good thing about these projects is that you can also earn rewards like bounty and blueprints which are very useful.

Side Missions

The one you need to know about side missions is that they reward you with 33% XP of your XP bar. so the later you do them in the game, the more will be your gain.

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