The Division 2 – How To Unlock And Restart Failed Bounties Missions

The Division 2 Unlock and Restart Failed Bounty Missions

The Division 2 brings a new story, characters, weapons, perks, and a whole lots of new exciting features which would let you play through the game on your terms.

The new installment will have many different side missions and bounty missions are one of them. but they are a bit confusing so below you will learn more about them.

How To Unlock And Restart Failed Bounties Missions In The Division 2

The Bounty missions are a bit tricky and difficult. to make things even worse these missions need to be completed as fast as you can because they come with a time limit and also with the possibility of your death.

If you die while doing a bounty or couldn’t complete within the time frame, you will fail the mission. So below you will find a guide on how to unlock and restart a failed bounty missions.

Unlock Division 2 Bounties

Bounties can be unlocked by completing all the requirements required for a particular safe house.

Different safe house has different requirements which you need to complete. some of them are easy like donating resources and some can be hard like taking over control points and more.

So if you want more of these bounty missions you better get into grinding the tasks from the safe house.

How To Restart Failed Bounties Missions

If for some reason you failed your mission, don’t worry, there is a simple process you can use to retry them again.

First of all, you need to open your map. then you need to scroll through the different views options you can do it by pressing E on your PC to switch between tabs which are present on the top left part of the screen.

Once you arrive at the bounty tab. you need to find your failed bounty mission and just click on it to retry it. After clicking on it the game will take you into the screen with the enemy, here just press the Activate Bounty button and the mission will start.

As mentioned earlier every bounty mission have a time limit. So if you couldn’t complete them within 15 min or die completing it, the mission gets compromised.┬ásame would also happen if you die during these missions. so make sure two avoid these two conditions.

Just Note – the target in these missions moves around different location every time. so there can be scenarios in which you find that the target is no longer in the same location. So you need to look around until you spot the target again. you can use the map to find your target.

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