The Division 2 – How To Unlock All Dark Zones

The Division 2 Unlock Dark Zones

The Division 2 will be the latest addition to the main series. it has been created by Publisher Ubisoft and Developer and it will be a sequel to the 2014’s release.

The new iteration will take place after the events from New York City which was taken over by Dollar Flu. now it has arrived in Washington DC causing a total collapse of the government. players now need to fight for supplies from rogue gang and marauders to survive.

How To Unlock All Dark Zones In The Division 2

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock various different gears, weapons, and other items. the game contains three Dark zones namely the Dark Zones East, Dark Zone South, Dark Zone North

Meet Senait Ezera

To unlock the Dark Zones you will need to recruit “Senait Ezera”. you can find her at the Theater Settlement which is marked as a green mansion on the map. here you will need to look for her in the ground level alleyway of the settlement.

But she won’t be available until you progress into the game. mostly likely you can find her after the Jefferson Trade Center mission. but if she does not appear then keep doing the main and side missions and keep checking the alleyway for her.

Once you find her in the Theater settlement, interact with her and she will come to the White House. now go back to the White House and talk to her again on the top floor of the White House and interact with her again.

Unlocking the Three Dark Zones

DZ East – This time she will give you mission which will send you to DZ East Main Entrance. it will appear as a giant purple gate on the map.

So just go there and do everything as the mission instructs. basically, the mission sends you inside the Darkzone to get a weapon which is easy to complete. once you complete it you will unlock the Full Darkzone east map.

DZ South – Then you will get another mission which would again be marked as a giant purple gate on the map. it will send you to Dark zone south area. complete it and you will unlock the Darkzone South map.

DZ North – Finally, you will get the last Dark zone North area mission. it will also be marked as a giant purple mission. so complete it and you will unlock the Dark zone north map.

The Dark Zone contains enemies which are a bit more powerful than the normal mission ones. but the good thing is that these zones contain high tier loots which contain high tier gears.

Just note that this location will also have other players who can be difficult to deal with.

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