The Division 2 – How To Find And Get SHD Tech Points And Caches

The Division 2 How To Find And Get SHD Points

The Division 2 will be the latest game from Developer Massive Entertainment and Publisher Ubisoft. it is a sequel to the 2014’s Division 1 and would be an action role-playing game.

The new story takes place after the events of Division 1 in Washington D.C where the society and government have collapsed and now players need to fight for supplies and survival against rogue groups.

How To Find And Get SHD Tech Points And Caches In The Division 2

The new iteration will feature many new weapons, gears, skills, characters and more. the game depends on character development which can easily get confusing sometimes.

So in this guide, you will find what are SHD Tech points and how to earn them easily and quickly.

What Are SHD Tech Points?

The SHD Tech points are a currency system in the game that lets you buy new perks and improve your skills which is very beneficial against higher level enemies.

These items look like circular orange division logo on the map. but it only appears if you have released them or accidentally come across it.

These points can be used at the base of operations which is the White House. just interact with the NPC present near the entrance and you will find the skills which can be unlocked.

To get a good amount of SHD Tech points you will need to find SHD Caches which are scattered around the map. below you will find some methods to get them easily.

Where To Find The SHD Tech Points

There are three different methods you can utilize to find SHD Tech Caches and points.

Interact With Safe House – The first method of unlocking them is by visiting the safe houses. you can recognize them by looking for a white colored house.

Just go there, enter the house, and you will find a computer. interact with it and it will reveal all nearby SHD Tech caches.

By completing the mission – the second way to get these points is by completing side missions. to get these side missions you will need to progress into the main missions. as you progress you will find many new side missions.

Pick up these missions and complete them and you will get the SHD Tech points.

The best part about this method is that you can team up with your friends and do the side missions multiple time by switching the host. this way you can earn a good number of points from just a single side mission.

Search For Them – this is the least preferred way to get them but if you are exploring the map why not just look for them.

Most of these caches will are well hidden around the map. so it is advisable that you pick a section of the map and look for them in that area and then proceed to the next area.

it is definitely not efficient and can be very tedious but that’s how it works.

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