The Division 2 – List Of All Weapon Talents And How They Work

The Division 2 List Of All Weapon Talents And How They Work

The Division 2 brings plenty of new and old features and this time it brings a changed version of Weapon Talents which are slightly different from the first installment.

So below you will find a guide, which will explain all the changes made to the weapon talents and also a list of all the talents and what they do.

All Weapon Talents And How They Work In The Division 2

The game has replaced the old Firearm, stamina, and Electronics stats with Offense, Defense, and skills. these stats can be increased on your character by wearing different gears with different stats which adds up.

To unlock a talent you will just need to get the requirement stats for it. for example, some require X number of Defense, Y number of Offense, and more.

To find the requirement you will need to go to your inventory and then click on the weapon. then on the right tab, you will be able to see the requirements.

List Of All Armor Talents

Accurate – gives +15% Accuracy

Allegro – gives +10% Rate of Fire

Breadbasket – Hitting the opponent in any body parts except heads increase 5% headshot damage which stacks up to 10 times for 10 seconds. this allows you to do 50% headshot damage.

Cannon – when you equip a weapon, the range of throw increases by 10%

Cauterize – increases damage on targets on fire for 5% of damage done.

Close And Personal – killing any enemy in a range of 7 meters will give you +35% bonus damage for 7 seconds.

Distance – gives +15% optimal range

Double Duty – when the weapon is holstered, reloading your main/primary weapon will reload the secondary weapon.

Everlasting – when the weapon is holstered, staying behind any cover regenerates ammunition.

Extra – gives +10% Magazine capacity

Eyeless – increase the damage by +10% to Blinded Opponents.

Fast Hands – dealing critical hits gives +3% reload speed. the effect stacks up to 20 times.

First Blood – the first bullet fired from the full magazine deals increased damage.

Greased – when the weapon is holstered, you will receive 10% weapon swap speed.

Hemorrhage – killing any bleeding targets increases the critical hit chance by 25% for all group members for 10 seconds.

Ignited – increases damage by 10% on burning enemies in The Division 2.

In Rhythm – when a weapon is equipped, killing an opponent lowers the cooldown of your abilities.

Jazz hands – gives +10% reload speed

Killer – killing an enemy by using critical hit increases the chance of critical hit by 50% for 5 seconds.

Kill Confirmed – killing with a headshot gives +10% damage which stacks up to times. but all non-headshots reset the bonus, requires over +140% Headshot damage in The Division 2.

Loaded for Bear (or Lock and Load) – reloading any empty magazine of a weapon increases damage by 20% for 5 seconds.

Lucky Shot – increases the magazine capacity. plus firing from a cover gives a chance of not using bullet present in the magazine.

Measured – the upper half part of the clip does +15% Rate of fire and -20% weapon damage. the bottom half part of the clip does -25% rate of fire and +20% weapon damage.

On Empty – reloading an empty magazine gives +30% weapon handling.

Optimist – increases the damage of the weapon as the magazine is getting emptied.

Optimized – gives +15% weeapon handling.

Perpetuation – killing with a headshots increases the active time of the ability by 5% for 5 seconds.

Preservation – killing an enemy fixes +5% armor for 3 seconds. the effect is increased if you kill the enemy with a headshot.

Protected Reload – gives +10% armor when you are reloading.

Pummel – Killing 3 enemy with 3 body shots kill will renew the clip. also, you will receive +50% damage dealt by the weapon.

Pyromaniac – increases the damage by 15% on the enemies who are on fire.

Ranger – for every 10 meters between the player and the target, the damage is increased by 2%.

Recharged – killing an enemy present behind a cover gives a chance of renewing the ability.

Reformation – killing an enemy with a headshot increases the repair and healing by 25% for 25 seconds.

Rifleman – hitting an enemy in the head gives +10% weapon damage for 5 seconds. the effect stacks up to 5 times. hitting any other body part removes the bonus.

Rooted – allows all the abilities to be increased by 25% when in cover. the buff has a duration of 25 seconds and is removed if you get out of cover. the talent has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Sadist – increases damage by 10% to bleeding opponents.

Salvage – killing an enemy gives 50% chance to give a fully loaded magazine.

Spike – killing an enemy with headshot increases the damage dealt by abilities by 25% for 10 seconds.

Steady Handed – hitting an enemy gives +2% weapon handling these effects up to 15 times. at 15 stacks each hit will have a chance of using the charge to renew the magazine.

Stop, Drop and Roll – when the weapon is equipped, doing a roll will remove burn, bleed, and poison effects. the effect has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Strained – gives +10% critical damage for each 5% of missing armor. maximum bonus is 200% critical damage.

Transmission – when the weapon is holstered, any shock given to you can be applied to the nearby enemy in a radius of 10 meters. the effect has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Unhinged – gives 10% bonus damage to the weapon but decreases weapon handling by 50%.

Unrelenting – hitting enemies increases the hit chance by 5%. this bonus stacks up to 10 times. but missing any hit will remove the stacks.

Vindictive – killing an enemy when you have a negative status will make the whole team in a radius of 15 meters receive +20% chance of critical hits for 10 seconds.

Zen – when the weapon is equipped, hiding behind a cover for 3 seconds will remove blind and disorient effects.

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