The Division 2 – List Of All Armor Talents And How They Work

The Division 2 List Of All Armor Talents And How They Work

The Division 2 will be bringing plenty of new contents, missions, and a full new story. it brings some old, new, and improved features.

The Armor Talents will be one of the old features which have been slightly changed by adding a little bit more deep customization. below you will learn more about them.

List Of All Armor Talents And How They Work In The Division 2

How To Unlock Requirements – The previous installment had three player stats which were Firearms, Stamina, and Electronics. all of these stats have been replaced with new stats named Offense, Defense, and Skills respectively.

Each Armor comes with specific stats which along with other gears can stack up to increase the new three stats.

If these stats full the armor Talent requirements, you will receive a new talent. you can find the requirement of an Armor’s Talent by going to the inventory, selecting it, and then checking the right tab which has the Talent requirements.

List Of All Armor Talents

Berserk – gives +10% damage for each 10% missing armor.

Capacitive – +20% skill duration

Centered – killing an enemy with headshot gives you invulnerability to any negative statues for 10 seconds.

Cloaked – when your armor is removed, the enemy abilities won’t be able to track you.

Creeping Death – negative statuses is dealt to nearby enemies in a radius of 10 meters. the effect is activated once for 15 seconds.

Critical – gives +8% Critical hit damage.

Destructive – gives +20% explosive damage.

Devastating – gives +5% weapon damage.

Empowered – gives +10% Skill power

Entrench – dealing headshots while staying behind a cover renew 5% of your armor.

Gunslinger – switching to the secondary weapon within 3 seconds after killing an enemy refills the magazine and gives +20% weapon additional damage for the whole magazine.

Hard Hitting Hardened – gives +!5% damage to elites and +10% armor.

Hit And Run – melee kills will give a speed boost for 2 seconds. required under 70000 armor.

Insulated – gives +10% hazard protection.

Mad Bomber – increases the range of grenades by 150%. if the grenades kill a target it will be renewed.

Obliterate – gives +25% critical damage for 5 seconds when you destroy the enemy armor.

On the Ropes – gives +25 weapon when all skills are renewing or their charges are depleted.

Patience – renews 5% of armor every 1 second when you are behind a cover for at least 3 seconds.

Precise – gives +15% headshot damage.

Rapid – gives +10% skill cooldown reduction

Restorative – killing an enemy gives +10% health points.

Safeguard – gives a 150% bonus to repair and healing for 20 seconds when you kill an enemy.

Self Adjusting – gives +20% Armor Regeneration.

Steady Nerves – gives 50% weapon or weak points stability for 4 seconds. requires full auto weapons equipped.

Striking – gives +15% Damage to elites.

Surge – gives +8% critical hit chance.

Terminate – gives +35% damage from abilities for 15 seconds when you destroy enemy armor.

To Order – lets player cook grenades by holding throw button, making them explode faster.

Unbreakable – renew 25% armor when armor is depleted. armor kits used in the next 5 seconds will not be consumed.

Unstoppable Force – gives +2% weapon damage for every 10,000 armor points when you kill an enemy. this effect stacks up to 20 times.

Vital – gives +20% health points.

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