The Division 2 – How To Unlock And Use Crafting System

The Division 2 Unlocking Crafting System And How To Use

The Division 2 is finally out, it will be the sequel to the 2016’s The Division and has been created by Publisher Ubisoft and Developer Massive Entertainment.

The game brings many old and new features. the crafting is one of the main features which will let you get new items, weapons, and other items.

How To Unlock And Use Crafting System In The Division 2

Below you will find a guide on how to unlock the Crafting system, how to get crafting materials, how to craft high-level items and more.

Unlock Crafting System

To unlock crafting in the game you will first need to complete the first Main Mission “Grand Washington Hotel”. once you complete it go to the rooftop of the Theater settlement and recruit the NPC “Inaya al-Khaliq” by interacting with her.

Then you will need to return to the Base of operation which is White House. here you will find Inaya on the ground floor. interact with her again and you will unlock the Crafting Station.

Once you do that you will be able to use this station for crafting new items.

How To Craft

To craft items, you will need to collect the necessary resources and components. they can be used to create various new items which can give you an advantage over your enemies.

Dismantling – the best way to collect resources is to dismantle items which you are not using like weapons and other items. the quality of components you receive from dismantling items depends on the rarity of the items.

To dismantle you just need to open your inventory, select the item you want to dismantle and then just destroy it.

Explore the open world – to get more crafting items you will need to explore the open world. this would increase the chance of you getting high tier loot and other components. most of these components can be found in chests and other containers.

Zones – while progressing, the game will give you the name of many locations. these locations can be shops, garages, malls, and more which you need to capture. here you find containers which are full of high tier loots.

Progress Through the main story – this one should be obvious, as you progress through main story missions. you will be able to collect plenty of crafting items and components. completing side missions also rewards you with crafting items and new blueprints.

Things You Can Craft

The deep customization lets the player craft new weapons, Backpacks, Chest, Gloves, Holster, Kneepads, and much more.

How To Craft High level/High Tier Items

To craft high-level items you will need to upgrade the workbench with the Bench Upgrade Blueprint. you can find the blueprints from the vendors, so make sure that every now and then you vendor present in the settlement.

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