The Division 2 – How Clan Works, Create A Clan, Join A Clan, And More

The Division 2 Guide On Clan System, How To Join A Clan, How To Create A Clan

The Division 2 has been finally released on PC, PS4, Xbox One and has been created by Publisher Ubisoft and Developer Massive Entertainment. it will be the sequel to the 2016’s Division and is set 7 months after the events from the predecessor.

The new edition brings plenty of new contents like new maps, game modes, weapons, and more. it will also be bringing a brand new Clan system with many new features.

How Clan Works, Create A Clan, Join A Clan, And More In The Division 2

So below you will find a guide on how to create a clan, how to join a clan, how the clan system works, and more.

How To Join A Clan

You will be able to join clans present in the online network from the in-game options. while searching for a clan you will see various different options which will help you make better decisions while joining it. you can find more about these options below

  • Activities – this displays the activities which the clan focuses on. it can either be PVE, PVP, or both.
  • Most Active Times – this will be the time of the day when the clan is most active. you can select a clan which plays on your preferred time.
  • Atmosphere – this somewhat indicates the behavior of the clan. it can be a highly competitive or playing for fun type of clan.
  • Language – the primary language spoken within the clan.
  • Region – the location from which the clan has its members.
How To Make A Clan

To start a clan you select the create clan option. then you will need to select an Insignia, followed by giving a name to your group which should be 4 to 15 letters long.

This name will be visible to all the players. if you want to make your clan more appealing then you can write a full description.

Once you do that you will need to set some privacy level. there are three of these and are explained below

  • Open – can be found by all the players.
  • Invite Only – can be found by players but they can only join it when they send a request and it is accepted by the clan leaders.
  • Private – these clans cannot be found in search and can be only be joined when the leader of a clan sends you an invite.
Clan Hierarchy And Functions In The Division 2

The Clan system has four different ranks which help you organize and navigate through a clan.

  • Commander – This player is the leader of the rank and has all the admin privileges and functions.
  • Lieutenant – This player is below the commander and can send invites, accept joining requests, moderate clan, and also promote and demote members.
  • Agent – This player has been in the clan for a while and can invite potential new members. but the potential member can only join if the commander or Lieutenant accepts them.
  • Recruit – This player is new to the clan and so will have limited access to all clan functions.
Clan Progression And How It Works

The clan system has a level based system which can go all the way up to level 30. the level of a clan depends on the activities of the members in the game.

If the members of a clan do any activities which provide Exp points then they will also get Clan XP. this will help your clan level up. leveling up the clan will unlock various customization options like Insignia which displays in the Clan.

One of the main aspects of the Clan system is the weekly projects and the clan cache which can be upgraded by working together with clan members.

Clan Projects are weekly tasks which will reward your clan XP when you complete them. when your clan completes all the weekly projects you will receive a massive amount of Clan XP.

In weekly clan cache players needs to reach a particular Clan XP goal. doing this will reward players in three tiers Bronze, Silver, and gold. as you unlock these tiers your rewards will improve.

Clan Building Hubs

In the new iteration, players will be able to get there own location where players can socialize and regroup. this is the location where you will be able to collect the weekly rewards and also find the clan vendor.

Clan Limitations And Voice Channels

The Clan System allows up to 50 accounts with up to four characters each. also, each clan will have access to two voice channels for up to 25 members each.

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