Devil May Cry 5 – How To Unlock Who Needs Weapons Anyway Trophy

Devil May Cry 5 Unlock Who Needs Weapons Anyway Trophy Achievements

Devil May Cry 5 will be the fifth addition to the main game and the sixth overall installment in the DMC series which has been created by Publisher and Developer Capcom.

The new edition will bring Dante, Nero, and V the new playable characters. the story focuses on the adventure of the trio trying to stop Urizen the King Of Underworld who is slowly taking over the Earth.

How To Get Who Needs Weapons Anyway Trophy/Achievements In Devil May Cry 5

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock many different tiers of Trophies/achievements like silver, bronze, gold, and platinum.

Who Needs Weapons Anyway is one of the many achievements in the game which can be unlocked once you clear Mission 11 without equipping any weapon set in the loadout.

This trophy is very tricky and a bit difficult. so below you will find a guide on how to unlock Who Needs Weapons Anyway Trophy.

Unlock And Complete “Dante Must Die” Difficulty

To get this mission you will first need to complete the game in the Dante Must Die difficulty to get the Super Original costume.

To unlock this difficulty you will need to complete Human or Devil Hunter which will unlock the Son of Sparda difficulty. then you will need to complete the Son of Sparda to unlock the “Dante Must Die” difficulty.

Unlock Irregular Full Custom Skill

Once you do that load Mission 11 on human difficulty. as you have completed the Dante Must Die difficulty you will get costume selection screen. so just select the Super Dante Original costume.

Then you need to buy the Skill “Irregular Full Custom” from the Abilities tab. this will forcibly expand weapon slots putting all available weapons at your disposal.

Unequip All Swords And Guns

With the new skill unlocked go to the equipment tab and select a loadout to unequip all the Swords and Guns. just select the sword you want to unequip and put it on the red slash sign. you need to do the same with the gun slot.

Now before diving into Mission 11, you will need to equip the no weapon loadout for both Sword and gun. you can do this by pressing the appropriate button mentioned on the screen and enter the mission.

Complete Mission 11

To complete the mission you will need to use the 2nd Devil form which has no physical swords and guns, just demon power. use it to proceed as you normally would which should be easy as the Mission is on human difficulty and you have unlimited Devil Trigger and Devil Form thanks to the costume.

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