Destiny 2 – How To Unlock Recluse SMG In Season Of The Drifter

Destiny 2 Unlock Recluse Legendary SMG Season Of The Drifter

Destiny 2 has finally released the new content update called the Season Of The Drifter. it will bring plenty of many new missions, quests, guardian gears and more.

The Drifter update brings the three Pinnacle weapons which can be unlocked by completing their respective requirements. The Recluse Legendary weapon is one of them Pinnacle weapon and in this guide, you will find how to unlock it.

How To Unlock Recluse SMG In Season Of The Drifter In Destiny 2

To get the Recluse Legendary SMG you will first need to obtain the “From the Mouths of Babes” quest step and to get it you will need to visit Lord Shaxx in the Tower.

Once you visit him, you will find the pursuits section of his wares. now just pick it up and it will become available in your inventory.

Now all you need is to complete it and to do that you will need to do the Crucible Triumph The Stuff of Myth. to complete this particular triumph you will need to complete two specific requirements which listed below

Win Matches In The Crucible

These will require a lot of grinding of crucible matches. there is no specific mention of how many crucibles you need to complete.

But a win in normal crucible match appears to give you 1%, and win in the competitive playlist will give you even more. basically, you can say you need to do 100 crucibles so be ready to grind them.

Reach Fabled Rank

This step will also require a lot of grinding and not only grinding you will also need to climb the rank ladder. the lowest rank is the Guardian and the highest is Legend. below you can find the tier.

  • Guardian
  • Brave
  • Heroic
  • Fabled
  • Mythic
  • Legend

The good thing about this grind is that it can be completed along with the first requirement which was winning the crucible matches. also, each time you get a new rank you will be getting new rewards.

Just note that you will lose points if you lose matches and it will slow you down. so make sure you arrange a good team and then get into the matches.

Recluse Legendary SMG Stats
  • Impact – 15
  • Range – 46
  • Stability – 56
  • Handling – 67
  • Reload Speed – 35
  • Rounds Per Minute – 900
  • Magazine – 36
  • Aim Assistance – 55
  • Recoil Duration – 100
  • Weapon Size – 67
  • Zoom – 13

Intrinsic Perk

Lightweight Frame – it gives good handling and also moves faster with this weapon equipped.

Intrinsic TraitsĀ 

  • Feeding Frenzy – when you kill with the weapon it will increase the reload speed for a short time
  • Master of Arms – Kill with the weapon increase the weapon damage for a short time.

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