Destiny 2 – All Types Of Synths, How To Get Them, And What They Do

Destiny 2 All Synths, how to earn them, what they do

Destiny 2 has been bringing plenty of new DLC, updates, contents and more since its release and now in its first quarter of the year 2019 has released the Season Of The Drifter updates.

The new update has plenty of new weapons, armors, and other gears which can be unlocked by completing different tasks. this time the center of the gameplay will be earning Synths.

All The Types Of Synths, How To Earn Them, And What They Do In Destiny 2

Below you will find a guide, on the list of all the synths, what they do, and how you can earn more of them easily.

What Are Synths

These are the new items that players can get in the Joker’s Wild. it can be then used in the weak synthesizer to create Weak Mote. you can then activate it in the reckoning, complete the event and you will get the special armor piece with unique perks.

Different Types Of Synths And How They Work

There are four different types of synths in this update.

  • Invader synth
  • Sentry Synth
  • Reaper Synth
  • Collector Synth

These Synths can be synthesized in the synthesizer to create specific Reaper mote. when you activate it in the Reckoning and then complete the event, you will be rewarded Gambit Prime Armor.

The type of armor you get will match the mote type which was used in the Bank which means if you use Reaper mote you will get Reaper Armor, if you use the Sentry mote you will get the Sentry Armor.

Using a Synth On Prime Armor

If you already own some Specific Synth Armor pieces. you can use the same type of synth directly on it from your inventory to get +3 boost to the armor for the 30-minute duration.

So basically using Reaper Synths on Reaper Armor will give you +3, using invader synth on invader armor gives you +3, and the other two also works similarly.

How To Earn Synths Of A Specific Type

To get a specific synth you will need to complete the Gambit Prime Bounties that give you the synth which you want to get. you can get these bounties from the Drifter.

Another method of earning synths is by grinding Gambit Prime matches or by playing Reckoning. you can also enter the reckoning with other players and play the activity which was started by other players mote meaning you do not need to put your mote in the bank. then you need to just complete the event with them and you will be rewarded with a random synth.

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