Devil May Cry 5 – How To Get The Quick And The Dead Trophy

Devil May Cry 5 Unlock The Quick And The Dead Trophy

Devil May Cry 5 will be the latest game from Developer and Publisher Capcom. it will be the sequel to DMC 4 and will feature both old and new Playable characters.

The New iteration brings will be a third person action hack and slash game created on the RE engine which gives photorealistic characters and HD world.

How To Get The Quick And The Dead Trophy In Devil May Cry 5

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock various achievements/trophies by completing certain requirements of collecting items, getting high ranks, and more.

The Quick And The Dead is one of the many achievements/trophies you will find in the game. to complete it you will need to defeat 5 enemies in 1 second. but it can be confusing and difficult. so below you will learn how to unlock The Quick and The Dead trophy easily.

Get Helter Skelter Devil Breaker

To get this trophy you will need to equip the Helter Skelter Devil Breaker on Hero before starting a Mission.

To do that just go to customize and then select the Devil Breakers Tab. now you need to buy Helter Skelter which would cost 1000 Blood orbs. it is recommended that you get 2-4 of them. then go to the equipment tab and there you need to equip the Magazine slots with Helter Skelter.

Strat To Get The Trophy

After buying the arms and equipping them. just start any mission which spawns a group of 5 weak enemies. to make things easier, play the mission on Human or Heaven and Hell difficulty.

One such map is MIssion 2, just progress through the path and you will encounter the first group of 3 enemies. defeat them and another group of 5 enemies will spawn in the same area.

In Heaven And Hell Difficulty

Now if you are playing in Heaven and Hell Difficulty. you can simply move around to make them come close and group up together. once you do this you will need to press and hold circle for ps4 and press and hold B on Xbox with Helter Skelter equipped.

This will launch an attack which will kill all enemy and as it is Heaven and Hell mode you will kill them in one hit.

In Human Difficulty

But if you are playing in Human difficulty. you will need to make them group up and then hit them to reduce their health weaken. one hit to every enemy will be enough. now use the press and hold circle attack on the group and you will get the achievement.

Other Difficulties

If you are trying to do this trophy in modes other then Human difficulty and Hell and Heaven difficulty. just go this same place in Mission 2. but this time test the helter-skelter on the first group of 3 enemies.

This way you will get an idea on how many hits you need to land to make them weak. before Helter Skelter fully kills them. once you know it just uses it on the next group of five enemies.

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