Devil May Cry 5 – Unlock All The Endings/ Well I’ll Be Damned Trophy

Devil May Cry 5 Unlock All Endings Well I’ll Be Damned Trophy

Devil May Cry 5 will be the fifth installment in the DMC main series and the sixth installment in the whole series. sticking to its roots it will be an action hack and slash game and will come with three playable characters.

The story of the game revolves around the three characters Nero Dante and the new guy V. they need to fight off Urizen who has planted the demon seed in Red Grave city to make him the king of the underworld.

How To Get All The Endings/ Well I’ll Be Damned Trophy In Devil May Cry 5

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock various weapons, skills, achievements/ trophies and more.

The game also comes with two different endings. one is a secret ending and another is the normal ending. so below you will find a guide, on how to get both the ending easily.

How To Get Secret Ending/ Well I’ll Be Damned Trophy

The secret ending can be unlocked when you defeat Urizen the boss in the prologue. Dante and his team will be beaten up this boss and then you as Nero will arrive in the scene.

While playing as Nero if you are able to defeat Urizen you will get the Secret Ending. you will get a screen which says the following

  • “The One Who Usurped The Demon Throne was Vanquished Peace Returned To The World Above”.
  • “Indeed, This was the Perfect Conclusion all had hoped for”.
  • “Come, Raise Your Fist In victory and celebration”.
  • “A new Legend has been born”

The best way to defeat Urizen in the prologue fight, is by playing the game in Heaven or Hell difficulty as in this mode you can kill and get killed in just one hit. this will also unlock the Well I’ll Be Damned Trophy.

You can unlock it in other difficulties too but it would be very hard.

How To Get Normal Ending

This is the ending which you will get when you follow the story mode of the Devil May Cry 5. all you need to do is proceed through the story. the game is linear so there is zero chance of not getting this ending.

In this ending, you will get a cutscene in which Dante and Virgil change into their demon form to fight with each other. but Nero enters the fight in his own Demon form and stops them.

After this Nero talks about the underworld and both Dante and Virgil decide to go into the underworld to stop the invasion. Nero tries to stop them as he knows they will be trapped but his concern is ignored.

Then you will see a conversation between Nero and Nico. you will also find a conversation between Lady, Trish, and Morrison. finally, the cutscene will end with Dante and Virgil fighting the demons.

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